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Planning to build a house? Starting a large renovation? Looking for a construction supervisor in the center of Israel and Sharon area?
Yoav Zohar provides construction supervision services for the Sharon region, Tel Aviv and the center of Israel.
The process of building a structure would rapidly become complex and costly project, which requires the right combination of suppliers and contractors and management of various building systems and complexity.
The project’s success depends on planning and proper management of each stage in construction, according to pre-defined work plans.
Rate developments, lack of knowledge of the customer in the various fields, multi contractors and suppliers, budget control all of these require close monitoring and management of a professional building inspector; Removes worries, prevents mistakes and bloopers and take time busy daily routine.
Our company is engaged in construction supervision, supervision and execution of projects in the areas of: building houses, building extensions, “Tama 38”, preservation of buildings, luxury apartments, renovations and supervision massive civil engineering
Yoav Zohar has extensive experience as a supervisor of construction and will be happy to be your point of contact in the process of construction and renovation.
For further information: 054-4500880.

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